Enjoy alpine trips in Lofoten on a floating basecamp ship with all facilities, spacious and comfortable SY Stella Oceana and a crew dedicated to making your trip the best weekend! Sail to new destinations to ski between Henningsvær and Øksfjorden. On the tour days you are taken ashore by a dinghy in the morning and picked up when you return to land. We are always looking for terrain that provides good and safe skiing in the best snow. Dinner is served on board, and drinks can be enjoyed in the hot tub while enjoying the view of the beautiful surroundings as we sail to our next destination.

 4 days  /  Thu 20:00 - Sun 15:00 /  March -  May

From NOK 24,500

4-8 guests

All food, warm drinks, towels, Wi-Fi

Sea Captain & certified ships crew

IFMGA Guides from Northern Alpine Guides

ski and sail
lofoten beach


Take your family and friends on a sailing trip in Lofoten to relax and let the friendly crew cater to you.  Explore uninhabited islands, enjoy beach bonfires, BBQ the fish you catch, relax on the beach and sit in the hot tub under the midnight sun.  Eat home made local food, read a book, play on your ipad, drink refreshing drinks all while sailing and exploring Lofoten.  Activities you can incorporate into your trip include SUP, kayaking, biking, and snorkeling.  Depending on the length of your tour, some commons places we sail to are Skrova, Trollfjord, Raftssundet, Svellingsflaket, Gullvika and Gimsøysund.  

 3-6 days  /  Start any day /  May - September

From NOK 10,500

1-8 guests

All food, warm drinks, towels, Wi-Fi

Sea Captain & certified ships crew


Sail to new destinations everyday between Ofoten and Senja. This tour involves four days of back country skiing and one day of dog sledding with huskies! Enjoy fantastic views, delicious local food, fresh powder, happy dogs, and relaxing aboard a spacious sailing yacht with a hot tub as your floating lodge. Tour starts & ends in Evenes.  Come be our guest, we'll do the rest!

 6 days  /  Fri 18:00 - Wed 15:00 /  March -  May

NOK 36,667

6 guests

All food, warm drinks, towels, Wi-Fi

Sea Captain & certified ships crew

IFMGA guides & huskies from Bergbjørn Fjellservice

dog sledding
whale safari lofoten


Orcas & humpbacks come to Northern Norway every winter to feed on herring. Sail through beautiful arctic fjords on an exclusive expedition in search of the wild orca, humpback whales and northern lights. Increase your chances of being the whales by more than 100% on this expedition compared to short day trips with limited time.  We will use our sails and no engine as much as possible when we are near the whales. Enjoy home made Norwegian food served on board and we'll even cook fresh fish if you catch any! Explore small towns and beaches as we will anchor or dock each night, and look for the northern lights while you sip on a drink in the hot tub as you listen to the blows of the whales.

 5 days  /  Thu 18:00 - Mon 17:00 /  Oct - Jan

NOK 17,500

6-8 guests

All food, warm drinks, towels, Wi-Fi

Sea Captain & certified ships crew

Whale guiding


Norway's coastline stretches over 83,000km, the second longest in the world, and includes more than 239,000 islands and islets, most of them uninhabited. Sail along the coast of Norway between Bergen and Svolvaer and immerse yourself in a unique experience, with spectacular views that you can only enjoy on this leisurely sailing expedition.  We sail with the wind and explore small towns, remote islands and fabulous fjords, with stunning views of mountains, wildlife, waterfalls and sunsets. Each night we anchor or dock at a harbor and every morning you wake up to a new view. Relax and enjoy home-cooked local dishes and the hot tub on board. 

10 days / Mon 09:00 Bergen - Wed 11:00 Svolvaer (North)

10 days / Sat 09:00 Svolvaer - Mon 11:00 Bergen (South)

14 days / Mon 09:00 Bergen - Mon 11:00 Svolvaer (North)

May - September

From NOK 65,500

6-8 guests

All food, warm drinks, towels, Wi-Fi

Sea Captain & certified ships crew

SUP, kayaking, bicycling, snorkeling/freediving, hiking




+47 907 07 512




Torget 21, 8300 Svolvaer, Norway

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