Join us in sustainable marine tourism through our informative sailing tours.  Explore our precious blue planet with your fellow earth citizens and be part of progressive change in the world.


Our company & tours supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14 Life Below Water. (See for more info)


Tour Languages: English, Norwegian, Japanese, some Spanish

If there's good wind, we set our sails. 


We don't just bring you to a destination, we value the sailing journey and experience. 


Our safety equipment, certifications, and ship standards have the highest compliance with the Norwegian Maritime Authority. 


Every tour offers quality customer service, responsibly sourced food, passenger safety and care, informative presentations, and hands on sailing if you want to participate.

Who's operating the ship?

World Sea Explorers offers the expertise and experience of a former Navy Sea Captain, the world's highest rank at sea.  Why is this valuable information?  Your safety at sea is in good hands.  See why below!

Types of Ship Operators


Military Sea Captain

Vessel Types & Locations: Military & civil ships all over the world.

Required Education: 2 years of civil steersman school, 5 years of military sea school, 2 years of sailing in different ships. 

Civilian Sea Captain

Vessel Types & Locations: Civil ships all over the world

Required Education: 3 years of maritime school, 5 years of sailing with an assessor, 1 year sailing with a Sea Captain.

Sea captains must always follow the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) order & commission of the United Nations.  SOLAS regulates the safety order for the whole ship, passengers & crew. 


Sea captains are also licensed to practice the order of priests, police & doctors. 


Vessel Types & Locations:  Up to 24 meters in length

Required Education:  120 course hours for a certificate for Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft. 

Holiday Skipper

Vessel Types & Locations: 8 to 15 meters in length, & engine over 25 hp; up to 20 nautical miles from land.

Required Education: 1 hour test for a boating license.  If you are born before 1980 you don't need a license. 

Skippers follow the regulations of the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) governed by the federal political parties.  NMA only regulates license validity.