S/Y Stella Oceana

Stella Oceana was built in 1964 by a Swedish oil company that was in need of a smaller vessel to transport oil through the ice in the Northern Gulf of Bothnia.  She retired as an oil transport vessel in 1990 and was rebuilt into a custom sailing yacht over a year and half with 11 million krones. The quality, detail and design of the rebuild was exceptional and has been extraordinarily well maintained for the last 3 decades.  


Access on & off the ship is trouble-free, and with high railings on the outer decks, you can enjoy the sea safely from a close proximity.  There is ample space on the outer decks and in the saloon for dining and relaxing.


At 118 tons, 23.9 meters long and 5 meters wide, this slim & heavy ship is extremely sturdy, steady, and sails smoothly with great fuel efficiency.  Stella Oceana is a certified passenger ship and has an ice classification of 1c.