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ski and sail norway

Extraordinary Sail and Ski Adventures in Norway & Beyond

ski and sail norway

Among the arctic ski destinations of the world, Norway is a paradise for backcountry ski touring. With long, cold winters, gorgeous ocean views and mountains accessible from the shoreline, sailing to ski in the backcountry is a thrilling journey to earn your turns.


World Sea Explorers offers yacht based ski touring adventures with local and internationally certified professional mountain guides who ensure the safest ski touring routes adapted to your ski level. Charter the yacht for your ski sailing adventure to iconic areas such as the Lyngen Alps and Lofoten islands, or to less-frequented regions such as Senja or Narvik.


For an off-the-beaten-path sail and ski expedition, journey through the open sea from mainland Norway to Greenland or Svalbard. Guided ski touring trips in these frozen tundras are an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Custom Ski Touring in Northern Norway

ski and sail lyngen norway

Ski & Sail Lyngen

Private Custom Charter

Lyngen Alps are an incredible place to ski. Located above the Arctic Circle about 40km east of the city of Tromsø, this area features reliable snow with endless routes all accessed by boat. This range includes glaciers, steep couloirs and gentle bowls at an altitude of 1,200m. As you can imagine there is something for everyone here.


Whether you're seeking out powdery fresh snow on top of towering peaks or more technical mountaineering adventures, the Lyngen Alps have it! Charter luxury yacht, Stella Oceana, and have a mobile base from which to explore this iconic backcountry ski area in the far north of Norway. Are you ready to ski Norway?!

Ski & Sail Senja

Private Custom Charter

Located 300km north of the arctic circle, on the north west coast of Norway, Senja Island is am skiers paradise. Called ‘mini Norway’, Senja has it all - 1000m alpine peaks, deep fjords, rolling upland terrain dotted with lakes and options to ski summit to sea. The summit to sea descents on Senja Island are some of the best in Northern Norway – with a number of excellent routes that finish right at the beach!


Whether you want summit to sea descents, scenic route, longer traverses or steep and deep lines, Senja is an excellent choice. Daily outings cater for the groups ski ability, interest, energy and the current snow pack and weather conditions. In the evenings, return to our luxury yacht, dine on local home-cooked food and soak in our outdoor hot tub. Are you ready to set sail for Senja?!

ski and sail senja norway
sail and ski lofoten

Ski & Sail Lofoten


Private Custom Charter

This is a region filled with breathtaking views, pristine coastlines and majestic mountains. The ascents can be as high as 800 meters which makes them perfect for those looking to earn their turns. The mountains rise from the sea, but the ski terrain has something for all abilities from gentle bowls to steep couloirs. 


Lofoten Islands summits are less than 1,100m high, with descents going all the way down to sea level. Some tree-skiing is possible at lower elevations. With its reliable snowpack, terrain variety, stunning views and relatively mild temperatures, it’s easy to see why the Lofoten Islands are an ideal place for ski touring in Norway. Join a small group weekend adventure to experience the very best of skiing Lofoten!

Ski & Sail Narvik

Private Custom Charter

Narvik is perfectly located between the coastal and inland mountains creating dryer conditions and lighter powder skiing. Surrounded by fjords, islands, deep valleys, pristine lakes, waterfalls, glaciers and mountain plateaus, the Narvik region is wild and rugged.


Most peaks will require between 800m to 1600m of ascent and you’ll be rewarded with seemingly endless alpine skiing terrain. End your touring days with a soak in our outdoor hot tub under the Northern Lights. 

ski and sail ofoten narvik norway

Cross-Ocean Ski Touring Adventures

Sail & Ski Svalbard

Custom Private Charter

The journey to Svalbard is a once-in -a lifetime experience. The open sea crossing takes you through Norway’s untouched nature, out to the remote island of Svalbard. Known for it’s pristine Arctic wilderness, it also happens to offer some of  world’s finest ski touring and scenery you will ever witness. Polar bears, arctic fox, walrus and whales are just a few of the mammals you might encounter as you dinghy and ski tour Svalbard.


Having a cozy, agile yacht is essential for Svalbard skiing.  It provides the flexibility to move up and down the coastline relatively quickly, depending on weather, ice pack and snow conditions. Each days route will be determined by both captain and ski guide depending on the sea ice conditions, polar bear activity and groups ability.


Are you ready to ski and sail one of the most remote, untouched & beautiful destinations on Earth?

polar bear svalbard ski and sail
ski and sail greenland

Ski & Sail East Greenland 

Custom Private Charter

Looking for the ultimate  spring skiing destination? Greenland’s extreme northerly location makes it perfect! Long days, lots of snow and high mountains & glaciers close to the coast provide a multitude of backcountry ski options from mid-March to June.


Eastern Greenland features peaks up to 2,500m rising from sea level making for big ski days in moderate to challenging terrain. Greenland is best for experienced backcountry skiers who are in top ski condition and ready to explore! Staying at anchor in this remote region ensures a high probability of seeing the Northern Lights. Are you ready to go ski touring in Greenland?

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