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Tromsø, Norway


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Join SY Stella Oceana on a sailing tour from Tromsø!

Snorkel or Freedive

Get in your gear and jump into Northern Norway’s coastal underwater world! 

The visibility in the summer time is superb for a cold water ecosystem with lots of life.  In the North, there is not a lot of Algae, and freshwater out pours from the mountains slows down after mid June.  In shallow waters, it’s an underwater jungle full of life with natural light all summer long due to the midnight sun.  Huge flat fish come up from the deep during the summer months to spawn.  Most commonly you can see various types of kelp, jellyfish, urchins, starfish, fish, crabs, and nudibranchs. 

Passenger Capacity:

Up to 8

Minimum 6


3 days:  14:00 Sunday Departure | 17:00 Return

5 days:  12:00 Sunday Departure | 17:00 Return

June - August

What's included:

Divemaster/safety diver, dive weights, meals & snacks, coffee & tea, fresh drinking water, world class captain, friendly steward, all boat related expenses, wifi, toiletries, hot shower, bedding, towels and house keeping.

Start and End Location:

Tromsø: Floating dock by Tromsø Clarion Collection Hotel With

Svolvær: Guest harbor floating dock

Please call us if you can't find us at +47 907 07 512


  • Vegan & Gluten-Free options available.

  • Please bring your own personal snorkeling or free diving gear and weight belt, minimal luggage in a duffel type bag and sailing appropriate clothing.

  • Personal travel insurance is required for this tour.


Sample Itinerary:

3 days:

Day 1: Tromsø to Musvaer 

Day 2: Splash in Musvaer, sail to Kifjord 

Day 3: Return to Tromsø

5 days:

Day 1: Tromsø to Musvaer 

Day 2: Splash in Musvaer, sail to Kifjord 

Day 3: Sail to Skagoysundet 

Day 4: Skagoysundet & Skarsfjord area 

Day 5: Return to Tromsø