Full-Day Norwegian Cultural Experience

10:00 - 17:00

May - September

minimum 10

From NOK 2,800

An authentic Norwegian cultural experience with fishing, history and food. Perfect for small groups of friends and families.


Get a taste of what it was like to live in a small fishing village by fishing your meal, being guided through historical photos and local stories on a walking tour, having your fish tastefully prepared by a local chef and eating in a historical building. We provide an all day cultural experience from start to finish with a friendly, experienced and passionate team.


This full-day private tour starts with 2 to 3 hours of fishing out from Svolvær, followed by a 1 hour guided walking tour in Skrova, a 2 hour 3-course dining experience in a historical building, and a relaxing sail back to Svolvær while enjoying the scenery from the hot tub. 


On this trip you will be fishing with a fishing rod, and no experience is needed as the crew will help guide you.  The most common fish you will catch are cod, pollock and mackerel. Vestfjorden has a healthy and rich ecosystem of marine life that is well managed, so the chances of catching a fish are very high. We will then give your fresh catch of the day to a chef in Skrova, while you walk through the town to learn about the local history, culture and stories of one of the oldest fishing villages in Lofoten. A 3-course dining experience will be served around 14:00 at a local restaurant in a historical building. 


Experience the spectacular nature and wildlife in Lofoten while aboard our majestic sailing yacht.  We provide a classy, comfortable, spacious and relaxed atmosphere with friendly and professional crew.  Enjoy a full day by the sea surrounded by beautiful nature, capture great photos and relax in the hot tub aboard SY Stella Oceana, a custom 25-meter (82-foot) sailboat with a unique history.  Common wild life we see include eagles, sea birds, and occasionally some whales and dolphins.

Tour Information

  • 10:00 – 17:00 (7 hours)

  • May - September

  • Start/End Location: Svolvær

  • Private tour for minimum 10 guests

  • From NOK 2,800 per person


  • Catch your own fish

  • Have the fish you caught prepared by a local chef

  • Experience the coastal culture and history of Skrova

  • Be out at sea surrounded by nature in a hot tub

  • Great for families and friends

  • Full-day all inclusive private tour


  • Fishing trip

  • Guided walking tour of Skrova

  • 3-course dining experience

  • Hot tub, shower & towels onboard

  • Private charter of the vessel for 7 hours

  • Coffee, tea, cookies and Wi-Fi onboard

If you have any questions about this Taste of Skrova tour please get in touch.

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