world sea explorers offers

 sailing trips for small groups


To create hope & balance for future generations by connecting people to the seas through informative sailing trips. 



We seek to show our guests the beauty and realities of our natural water world for the sake of all life on our planet.  We set sail whenever there is good wind conditions, and stand by the highest level of quality, safety and environmental sustainability.  Our food is local & organic as much possible and our meals are lovingly prepared from scratch.  

Sachi Maekawa, Operations Manager

Sachi has a degree in International Business Management.  She worked in the corporate world for 15 years, far removed from the outdoors but felt a longing to be at sea.  Over time, this longing became stronger and stronger, so she joined many environmental organizations, studied whales, became a divemaster, a freediver, and is a certified ships crew.  She loves being in and on the water and has a passion for marine conservation.

Kenneth Tårnes, Sea Captain

Kenneth is a world class Sea Captain, the highest international designation by SOLAS, for over 25 consecutive years. The breadth of his experience at sea aboard various types of ships in the Norwegian coast and world wide is astounding.  He holds the world record for sailing a (42ft) sailboat from Tromsø to Kristiansand (963 nautical miles) done in 5 days 28 minutes.  Sailing is one of his favorite things to do.  He has a profound passion for bringing peace to the seas and all life on this beautiful planet. 

Laila Gustavsen, Sales & Marketing Manager

Laila is from Tromsø and has a  Bachelor in Tourism.  She has an array of life experiences and among them, has run 5 different companies with a focus on marketing and sales. She likes being with people and loves the nature in Northern-Norway.  She is dedicated to taking care of customers and is focused on quality and sustainability.

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