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World Sea Explorers is a family-owned small business based in Svolvær Lofoten Norway that started hosting tours aboard the custom sailing yacht, Stella Oceana in 2019. We have sailed the world's seas and arctic Norway for over 30 years. We believe our guests will love our sailing experiences around Northern Norway thanks to our small-tour groups, unique sailing yacht, and experienced captain.


A fully crewed yacht charter with World Sea Explorers is unlike any holiday experience you may have ever had. It will open a door to see and experience the more remote islands and fjords in the arctic that are not easily accessible to most people. 


Create a custom charter, or choose from a variety of set tours such as sailing the entire Norwegian coast, whale watching, northern lights and midnight sun cruises, sailing to discover the Lofoten islands, ski & sail with dog sledding, fishing trips and custom sailing trips.  The yacht is perfect for private groups, companies, special events or meetings, sailing & travel enthusiasts, active outdoor fanatics, and people in need of a nature holiday.

Contact us if you are a company that is interested in contracting our boat into your fleet for your tours or expeditions, or if you are a DMC that would like to add a water component into your client's itinerary.


Our expeditions are a social activity held in nature that enables you to experience living as a community for a week.


The crew members are always clean, reliable, respectful, willing to serve, and competent at their job.


The yacht offers a safe and comfortable holiday experience with large communal living spaces and a small group size of 8 guests.


We provide high quality essential services of safe  transportation,  cooking,  and  cleaning.  You get everything on time, enough of what you want, and everything is always clean. 


World Sea Explorers is on a mission to help people explore and connect to the ocean to spark awareness and inspiration to protect and restore our vital ecosystem.  Conservation, sustainability and peace are the foundation to our values that we naturally share with you on our tours.  Our mission is fulfilled if you leave with a refreshed perspective, were able to feel and appreciate the interconnected ecosystem of the ocean, and leave inspired to take action for the better on a personal level.


We work hard on implementing our environmental policy and make it as efficient as possible. We strive to maintain an essential ecological balance and help conserve natural heritage and biodiversity. Our goal is to operate on sustainability principles which includes a balance of the local environment, economy, society and culture.  Our vision is a world where animals and people are respected and live in sustainable habitats in harmony with the earth.



Our focus on diversity and inclusion is about making S/Y Stella Oceana a great place to be for all people. We focus on diversity because it's the right thing to do. Doing the right thing is how we best serve our guests, so it only makes sense that it is incorporated into our overall business. You can see and feel our commitment from the inside out.  Diversity is embedded in the way we think about business and individuals regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status or any other dimension of diversity. Our distinctive approach to diversity is based on a belief that we each have a personal accountability for acceptance to live in harmony.


Sachi Maekawa
Operations Manager & Solo Stew/Deck Crew
With extensive experience in business and the service industry, Sachi is the wind in the sails for World Sea Explorers. From replying to customer inquiries, processing bookings, marketing and nurturing partnerships, to creating custom itineraries, policies and creating digital assets, she is the main engine that runs the company. Sachi speaks English, Japanese, Norwegian and some Spanish. On board, she cooks, serves, cleans, helps on deck, organizes activities, guides the guests on excursions and manages the catering, provisions, and interior. She ensures that guests have the very best experience from start to finish. She is passionate about the care of the natural world and has a love of the ocean. From being on the US National Team for synchronized swimming to working at scuba diving centers, Sachi is an advocate for wild animals, marine conservation, free-diving and sustainable living.

Kenneth Tårnes

Sea Captain & Chairman

Kenneth is a world class Sea Captain with the highest international designation by SOLAS, the United Nations International Maritime Organization.  He has been a Sea Captain for over 26 years and has experience at sea aboard a wide range of ships in the Norwegian coast and world wide for 35 years.  As a Sea Captain, he is a licensed medic and marriage officiant. He served as a sea Captain in the Royal Norwegian Navy and since his retirement, he has continued to captain a variety of charter vessels and sailing yachts. He has sailed around the world on a 98 m sailing ship, Statsraad Lehmkuhl and in 2007, set a world record for the fastest sailing time (without engine) from Tromsø to Kristiansand in Norway. This route normally takes an average of 6-7 days and he still holds this record! Kenneth’s passion is to connect people to the ocean and the natural world. Sharing his knowledge and experiences so they can see what our beautiful planet has to offer and how important it is to take care of it.

Come as strangers leave as friends

S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
S/Y Stella Oceana crew with guests
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