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Embark on a beautifully scenic 4.5 hour polar fjord cruise and immerse yourself in the captivating wonders of the Arctic. Prepare to be enchanted by majestic mountains, discover hidden historical landmarks, and witness extraordinary wildlife encounters with playful seals, dolphins, and majestic eagles soaring above. All of these extraordinary experiences await you in a serene small group setting, where comfort and absolute relaxation can be enjoyed aboard our spacious luxury yacht.

Indulge in personalized service, expert guidance, and a delectable meal of traditional reindeer soup. Cozy up with wool blankets amid the captivating Arctic scenery, or enhance your cruise by relaxing in the hot tub. For the brave-hearted, take a thrilling polar plunge into the ocean before relishing the warmth of the hot tub once again.


While the possibility of cruising through ice or witnessing the Tirpitz shipwreck or decommissioned submarine base depends on weather conditions, one thing is certain: the phenomenal landscape scenery will leave you in awe. Aboard Stella Oceana, an exceptional fjord cruise experience awaits. Relax in the spacious interior saloon, where you can unwind with the comforts of home, including plush blankets, soft pillows, and captivating coffee table books. Take leisurely naps or engage in lively card games while sipping hot beverages. Engage in delightful conversations with your experienced crew or fellow worldly travelers. Gaze through windows positioned just above the waterline and step outside whenever you desire a closer connection with the outdoor splendor. 


Ideal for small groups, families, or couples seeking an intimate Arctic fjord cruise, this unforgettable journey promises safety, uniqueness, and the epitome of luxury aboard our exquisite sailing yacht.


NOK 2,200 Adult (Age 13+)

NOK 1,900 Child (Age 1-12)

Private Charter:

For up to 12 people NOK 26,400


10:00 - 14:30 (10am-2:30pm)

4.5 hours

-4.5 hour cruise in the Tromsø fjords

-Binoculars to spot wildlife

-Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh arctic water & cookies

-Local Norwegian lunch of reindeer soup

-Blankets & pillows for comfort

-Books & games for entertainment

-English speaking host and guide

-Former Norwegian Navy Sea Captain



-Hot tub, shower, towel & polar plunge (400kr)

-Thermal suit rental (150kr)


We depart Tromsø harbor, the main town of Northern Norway. As we sail out to Ballsfjorden, watch for porpoises, common eiders and sea eagles as you sit snuggled under cozy blankets with a mug of hot chocolate. If there is fresh snow on the deck and you’re feeling inspired, build a snowman on the deck and pose for photos! Depending on the weather and tides, you may sail past the Tirpitz shipwreck, cruise through ice floes, or see Olavsvern, a former Royal Norwegian Navy base. This Cold War-era base is an immense feat of engineering; 900 meters into the mountain exists an entire military base including; housing space, offices, storage and even a submarine dry dock! Your local guides will share the history and culture of the local sites as you cruise by. On some cruises, we sail deeper into the fjords where there's a chance to see a frozen fjord that is fed by many freshwater rivers and it is this freshwater that floats on top of the salty seawater, and freezes. It is unusual for fjords to freeze, since they are usually entirely salt water but here, the locals have adapted to this frozen fjord. We’ll sail in as far as we can, but we don’t want to break up too much ice. Although our hull is ice-class, it is important to respect the locals who call this palace home. They use the ice for ice fishing and if we break it apart, it becomes very unsafe for them to go fishing. Sit back in the top deck lounge, take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery and silence. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste a traditional slow-cooked reindeer stew. Join us in the warm saloon for a hearty lunch of soup, fresh bread, cookies, coffee and tea. The return cruise is casual with time for sipping hot drinks, taking in the sights and incredible photo opportunities. If you’ve upgraded your cruise to include the hot tub, there will be plenty of time for your own private session where you can watch the beautiful fjord slip by in the arctic skies as you sit nice and warm in the deck top hot tub. As your polar fjord cruise comes to a close, admire the skyline of Tromsø in the lingering sunset light as we approach. We’ll slide back into the harbor in time for you to enjoy your evening in town.



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Frequently asked questions to be ready to

Sail the fjords of Tromsø Norway

What food and drinks are available?

Coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate and cookies are included. A reindeer soup with local root vegetables and fresh bread will be served for lunch. A soup that suits your dietary restrictions can be prepared if notified in advance. No other beverages or food are available for purchase onboard. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought onboard.

Can I do the polar plunge without booking the hot tub upgrade?

Unfortunately not. 

Do you have swim wear to rent or buy onboard for the hot tub?

No. Your own swim wear is required to get in the hot tub. You are not allowed to enter the hot tub in pajamas, regular clothes, workout/athletic clothing, your underwear, or nude.

Will I get sea sick?

While seasickness varies from person to person, the boat's stability and the sheltered cruising area typically prevent discomfort for most travelers. In the rare event of seasickness, we suggest preparing with your preferred prevention methods. Our captain, a licensed medic, and experienced crew are available to assist, ensuring a pleasant journey for all guests.


What should I wear on my Norwegian Frozen Fjord Cruise?

Being winter and out on the water, you will want to dress warmly. This means wearing leggings or fleece pants underneath windproof pants or snow pants. On top, wear merino wool or another warm base layer, then add a warm sweater AND a jacket. Add some thick socks, warm boots, a warm hat, mittens/gloves and a scarf. You can always take off layers and leave them inside the boat if you get too hot. Better to have it and not need it!

What wildlife/animals will I see?

You never know what you might encounter in the sea, but we have seen dolphins, orcas, eagles, common eiders and seals on this cruise.

Is there a minimum number of participants for the tour?

Yes, we have a minimum of 8 guests for our tours. We always strive to do a Tromsø Fjord Cruise each day within the season, but if there are too few people booked, we will reschedule your tour to another day or provide you with a full refund. We cancel because it is both financially and ecologically unsustainable to do a cruise with groups any smaller. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility. ​

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