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Embark on an unforgettable 6-hour adventure that combines the excitement of a deep sea fishing trip with the natural beauty and luxury of a peaceful fjord cruise in the Arctic waters of Tromsø, Norway.


Indulge the exquisite flavors of seafood canapés and savor freshly caught fish soup, all aboard a spacious luxury sailing yacht.


Upgrade to relax in a hot tub, enjoy personalized service and guiding, and sail through the pristine fjords with a small group of like-minded explorers.


No fishing experience required – our seasoned local fisherman guide will be there to help you every step of the way! Common catch include cod, pollock, haddock, halibut and red fish.


10:00-11:30 (1.5 hours) Fjord Cruise with Seafood Canapés
11:30-14:30 (3 hours) Deep Sea Fishing
14:30-16:00 (1.5 hours) Return Fjord Cruise with Your Fresh Caught Fish Soup


NOK 4,000 per person

Private Charter:

For up to 12 people NOK 48,000


10:00 - 16:00 (10am-4pm)

6 hours

-Fishing equipment and guided instruction

-Seafood Canapés (smoked salmon, pickled herring & cod caviar) with one non-alcoholic beer

-Traditional Norwegian Fish Soup with your fresh caught fish and bread

-Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh arctic water & cookies

-English speaking host and cook

-Local fisherman guide

-Former Norwegian Navy Sea Captain

-Binoculars to spot wildlife

-Blankets & pillows for comfort

-Books & games for entertainment



-Hot tub, shower & towel

-Thermal suit rental


Welcome aboard our exclusive 6-hour luxury fishing trip departing from Tromsø, Norway! Step onto the magnificent 32-meter luxury sailing yacht Stella Oceana where your excursion begins. Your fishing trip starts with a scenic 1.5-hour fjord cruise through the Arctic Norwegian landscapes as we navigate toward the best fishing areas for cod, haddock, pollock, halibut, red fish and mackerel. The type of fish you may catch depends on the season, but the region hosts an abundance of sustainable, healthy and delicious wild fish. The best places to fish near Tromsø take time to cruise to, and are generally in protected areas within straits leading into the fjords. You will not be cruising out into the open and unprotected Sea. Your local fisherman guide will share insights into the area's rich marine life and its significance to the region's culture as you savor local Canapé spreads of smoked salmon, pickled herring and cod caviar. After arriving to the fishing area, you'll have 3 hours of expert-guided fishing. No need to worry about having any experience or equipment—we provide everything necessary for an optimal, safe and engaging fishing experience. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of deep sea jigging while enjoying the surrounding views. Feel the rush of excitement as you reel in a fish, and cherish the gratitude for the flavorful bounty it brings to your group. It's an experience that captivates all your senses and brings you closer to the natural circle of life. Our onboard cook will prepare your fish in a traditional Norwegian fish soup paired with fresh bread. If you do not catch a fish or would like to take your fish with you, a salmon soup will be served. Enjoy our delightful selection of refreshments throughout the day—cookies, coffee, tea, water, and even hot chocolate. And for those seeking the epitome of luxury, why not upgrade your experience? Unwind in our outdoor hot tub, as you take in the fresh, clean air, and enjoy the stunning scenery on the return fjord cruise. Ⓥ If you are vegetarian or vegan, a traditional Norwegian root vegetable soup option is available for lunch if notified in advance. For vegetarians, a local Canapé spread of cheese and jams can be served in lieu of the seafood Canapé. With only 5-12 guests on a 100 foot sailing yacht, there is plenty of space to admire the scenery in a slow, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Below deck in the spacious interior saloon, you can unwind with the comforts of home, including plush blankets, soft pillows and captivating books. Take leisurely naps or play table games while sipping hot beverages. Engage in delightful conversations with your experienced crew or fellow worldly travelers. Gaze through windows positioned just above the waterline and step outside whenever you desire a closer connection with the outdoor splendor. Ideal for small groups, families, or couples seeking an intimate, luxurious and tasteful fishing trip, this unforgettable experience promises a welcoming atmosphere, a safe, stable and well equipped vessel for fishing, and the epitome of luxury aboard a one of a kind sailing yacht.



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Frequently asked questions to be ready to

go on a fishing trip in Tromsø Norway

How long is this tour?

6 hours long. In order to reach the best fishing spots near Tromsø, it requires a roundtrip cruising time through the fjords of 3 hours which allows for 3 hours of fishing time. The exact location depends on the sea conditions, weather, tides, winds and currents.


Is there a minimum number of participants for the tour?

Yes, we have a minimum of 5 guests for this tour. We always strive to do a Fishing Tour many days a week within the season, but if there are too few people booked, we will reschedule your tour to another day or provide you with a full refund. We cancel because it is both financially and ecologically unsustainable to do a fishing trip with groups any smaller. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility. ​


What happens if it is raining all day?

Our deep-sea cod fishing tour will continue rain or shine. If the weather conditions are unsafe (high winds or storms), we will cancel the tour and either reschedule or provide a full refund. Sailing Yacht Stella Oceana, our ship, has warm indoor spaces so you can opt to stay warm and dry in between fishing spots.  If you wear warm layers and waterproof clothing, you'll easily be able to enjoy the whole tour outside.


What kind of fish will I catch?

The types of fish you may catch are cod, pollock, haddock, halibut and red fish.

What is available for food?

A Seafood Canapé (smoked salmon, pickled herring & cod caviar) with one non-alcoholic beer; and a traditional Norwegian Fish Soup with your fresh caught fish and bread; If you do not catch a fish, a salmon soup will be prepared. If you catch a fish, you can add your fresh fish to the soup.  Our food is sourced from local farmers and establishments.  This means some items are only available seasonally and everything is of high quality and optimal freshness.  All of our food is lovingly prepared by the crew.  Ⓥ If you are vegetarian or vegan, a traditional Norwegian root vegetable soup option is available for lunch if notified in advance. For vegetarians, a local Canapé spread of cheese and jams can be served in lieu of the seafood Canapé. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and cookies are included in the price and available throughout the tour.

Can I take the fish that I catch with me? What if I don't want it?

You can choose to either take home the fish that you catch or eat it onboard during the tour. We do not offer air vacuumed shipping services for flights or international travel. If you choose not to eat or take home your fish, we will either serve it to other guests onboard during the tour, or we will donate it to the local community who have lost a family member at sea in the fishing industry.


What wildlife/animals will I see?

You never know what you might encounter in the sea, but some wild animals that we see are dolphin, porpoises, orca, whales, eagles, , and a variety of birds. Of course, on this adventure, the chance of seeing a cod fish is also quite high! ​


Will I get seasick and what if I need medical attention?

We can't guarantee that you won't get seasick, but most people don't experience this discomfort because the boat is so heavy, stable and built for the Arctic. However, in the small chance that you do get seasick, the Captain is a licensed medic, and the crew has a lot of experience to help you enjoy your trip.  Northern Norway tends to seem remote and isolated, however, you will always be sailing along the coast where help is never far away.  There are local rescue ships and the Norwegian Coast Guard is always operating throughout the entire coast.

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