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S/Y Stella Oceana


Representing the freedom to explore our blue planet, the "Star Ocean."


Book a tour with us and sail in style aboard a unique ice class yacht in arctic Norway, which will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Let the wind, currents and sky guide you on a one-of-a-kind experience. Stella Oceana is a sailing yacht that is a breathtaking sight under sail and features intricate design and rich, highly crafted steel and wood work that reveals the magnificent craftsmanship.

Stella Oceana is a custom-built two-masted ketch rigged sailing yacht owned and operated by World Sea Explorers. It is based in Tromsø and Svolvær, Norway and is chartered for day cruises and multi-day sailing voyages for individuals and groups. The yacht is a breathtaking sight under sail and features intricate design and rich, highly crafted steel and wood work that reveals the magnificent craftsmanship. Stella Oceana is a certified passenger ship and has an ice classification of 1c, which means it can go in ice up to 50 cm thick. It is a slim & heavy ship that sails stable, slow and smooth. The unique design of the ship allows you to explore the more remote islands and fjords in the arctic that are not easily accessible to ships of a similar size or larger.


Stella Oceana is the most spacious sailing yacht in arctic Norway. There are 2 exterior decks and a large interior saloon with high ceilings and windows. For only 8 guests on a 100 ft yacht, there is plenty of space for everyone so you’ll never feel crammed.

Dancing Woman

Spacious interior & exterior
Upper deck saloon & outdoor kitchen
Outdoor BBQ grill
Showers & toilets
Towels, shampoo & conditioner
Bluetooth sound system


Hot tub on the outer deck
4 meter RIB/tender boat
Fishing poles
Local Norwegian cuisine
SUP boards & Kayaks


Cargo Ship, Anna Marie of Donsö, Sweden was built by Trellevarvet in Kallandsø, Sweden in 1964. She served as a tanker ship and transported oil to larger tanker ships throughout the Gulf of Bothnia.


The ship was completely disassembled in 1988, and only the original 40-ton keel was saved. A brand new sailing yacht was built on top of this keel with the design inspired by the original ship. It took 2.5 years to complete the build and was ready to sail in 1991.


In 2001 she became Ann-Mari of Svendborg, Denmark, and in 2019 she became Stella Oceana of Tromsø, Norway. The ship has sailed in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.


In 2021, several upgrades were made to both the interior and exterior of the ship including the addition of a hot tub, a seating area and outdoor kitchen in the top deck, an extra crew cabin and storage room, a guest shower room, 2 kayaks and SUP boards, a Bluetooth surround sound system in the main saloon, a new primary generator, a new washing machine, extra refrigerators and freezers, and a new 4-meter tender boat for up to 9 people.


Kenneth Tårnes is the resident Captain of S/Y Stella Oceana. He is a world class Sea Captain with the highest international designation by SOLAS, the United Nations International Maritime Organization. With a deck officer class 1 license, he has the right to serve on ships regardless of gross tonnage and navigation area, and is a licensed medic and marriage officiant.


He served as a Sea Captain in the Royal Norwegian Navy and since he retired from his service, he has Captained many different types of tourist vessels including sailing yachts. He sailed around the world over 2.5 years on a 98- meter sailing ship and sailing has since become one of his favourite things to do. In 2007 he set the world record for the fastest sailing time (without using the engine) from Tromsø to Kristiansand Norway on a 42ft Bavaria in 4 days and 28 minutes. Normally it takes 6-7 days and he still holds this record.


Kenneth’s passion is to connect people to the ocean and the natural world by bringing them out to sea safely and sharing his knowledge and experiences so they can see what our beautiful planet has to offer and how important it is to take care of it.


Sailing on board Stella Oceana is a wonderful, unique and awe-inspiring experience. The sailing voyages are a social activity held in nature that enables you to experience living as a community for a week. The crew members are always clean, reliable, respectful, willing to serve, and competent at their job. They provide high quality essential services of safe transportation, cooking and cleaning. You get everything on time, enough of what you want, and everything is always clean. The ship offers a safe and comfortable holiday experience with large communal living spaces for small groups of up to 8 guests and 4 crew.


The main exterior deck is large enough to walk around, lay down, sit by yourself or with others and even do yoga. The top deck has a lounge area with a large table and outdoor kitchen. The interior saloon has 3 dining tables, Wi-Fi, a charging station, a coffee bar and 2 spacious lounges. In the forward part of the vessel there are two guest cabins with 2 single bunks in each cabin, and 1 guest cabin with 4 single bunks for a total of 3 guest cabins with 8 berths. All cabins are equipped with spacious closets, adjustable heating, a window, warm duvets, linens and towels.


The menu is ever-changing, inspired by Northern Norwegian traditions and local, ethical, fresh and organic ingredients. All meals, snacks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, breakfast juices and crisp, clean arctic water are included. We are able to cater to most dietary restrictions or allergies.

stella oceana below deck
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