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Stella Oceana World Sea Explorers


Luxury Boat Tours in Tromsø & Lofoten Norway


Unique and exclusive luxury tours for small groups in the Norwegian Arctic.

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sailing in norway

Sailing in Norway

Norwegian Fjord Cruises & Sailing Holidays

Stella Oceana is a luxury sailing yacht here to help you explore Norway's fjords, Lofoten Islands or be your arctic expedition yacht. ​ The crew of World Sea Explorers is known for high safety standards, are friendly, professional and love what they do. ​ Our focus is to provide small, intimate groups with the chance to explore the beautiful Norwegian coastline with authentic, local experiences, and environmentally low-impact sailing. ​ We are committed to ensuring that you have a trip of a lifetime out at sea and on land! ​ Join an arctic expedition, hop on board for a day tour or hire a custom yacht charter.



Fjord Cruise Norway
Hiking Lofoten


Situated 300 km north of the Arctic Circle, captivating Lofoten Islands stretch into the North Atlantic. With a mild climate thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, these islands feature white sand beaches and dramatic mountains formed from the oldest rocks in northern Europe, dating back over 3 billion years. Sparsely populated, they offer an awe-inspiring sanctuary untouched by human commotion.


Tromsø, 350 km north of the Arctic Circle and the largest city in Northern Norway, enchants with its ethereal Arctic landscapes, where majestic snow-capped peaks converge with the captivating dance of the Northern Lights. Amidst the tranquil fjords, a breathtaking Arctic wonderland unfolds, casting a spell of pure enchantment.

Stella Oceana Crew


Royal Norwegian Navy Sea Captain

Arctic Norway Fisherman

Licensed Medic

Marriage Officiant

From Tromsø, Norway



First Mate

Steward, Deck & Cook

Office Manager

Freediver & Dive Master

From Seattle, USA

Stella Oceana Crew

Sachi & Kenneth deeply care about the ocean, its wildlife & its conservation. It’s not only the luxurious yacht & the incredible scenery that continuously make us want to come back, but it’s really Sachi & Kenneth themselves who make the trip special. They both genuinely care about making the experience perfect for everyone & always go the extra mile.

-Read Dana's full review

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