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World Sea Explorers Stella Oceana Reviews
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This seven hour tour, includes multiple activities in an all-inclusive package with fishing, eating your fresh fish for lunch, visiting a fishing village, hiking, walking through a nature trail to a white sand beach with crystal clear water, and a fjord cruise with wildlife sightings.


The tour starts from Svolvær with a deep sea fishing trip in Vestfjorden. Try fishing with a fishing rod for cod, halibut, pollock, haddock, mackerel, or red fish and eat your fresh catch in a vegetable herb soup with fresh bread for lunch.


The boat will dock in the island of Skrova for a few hours for your guided hike through a beautiful nature trail with magnificent mountain and open sea views. The 30 minute hike to the beach is an easy walk through nature on a dirt trail with minimal incline.  


On the return fjord cruise to Svolvær, look for wildlife such as orcas, fin whales, eagles and puffins, or upgrade your tour to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub on a yacht while taking in the incredible scenery of the Lofoten Islands.


This is a great full day activity for small groups of all ages who want to experience both nature, local cuisine and exclusive service on a luxury sailing yacht.


from NOK 4,000


09:00 - 16:00 (9am-4pm)

7 hours

3 hours fishing

1 hour to cruise to Skrova & eat lunch 

30 minute easy hike to a beach

1 hour to relax at the beach

30 minute return hike

1 hour return cruise


We depart Svolvær harbor, the main town of the Lofoten Islands at 09:00. Relax on the top deck as we cruise to our favourite fishing spots. We’ll bring out the rods and teach you how to cast, jig and reel so you can experience deep sea fishing. After three hours of fishing, we’ll cruise over to Skrova. Skrova is a historical fishing village that gained privileged trading rights in 1760, and for a long time, it was the largest fishing village in Lofoten. Skrova has a long history connected to the Lofoten fishery and whaling industries, but also a thriving community that has been changing and adapting to keep up with modern life. Once docked in Skrova, settle in the interior saloon or exterior top deck for your fresh caught lunch experience. Homemade arctic cod soup, fresh local bread, and tempting desserts are just a sample of the delicious foods you’ll get to taste. On your easy hiking trip to a secluded beach, you can opt to hear stories that have been collected and shared directly by locals from the Skrova community and by word of mouth for centuries. Around 15:00, we cruise through Vestfjord for our return to Svolvær harbor. It is a 1-hour return cruise and the ideal time to upgrade your tour to soak in the outdoor hot tub and look for wildlife. Relax and enjoy the blissful Norweigan landscape as you cruise back into port. Are you ready to explore Norway's nature loving outdoor lifestyle for a day?




Is there a minimum number of participants for the tour?

Yes, we have a minimum of 6 guests for our tour. We always strive to do this tour once a week within the season, but if there are too few people booked, we will reschedule your tour to another day or provide you with a full refund. We cancel because it is both financially and ecologically unsustainable to do a cruise with groups any smaller. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility. Book the private charter option for 1-6 people or 7-12 people to ensure that the tour will run.

What happens if it is raining all day?

This tour will continue rain or shine. If the weather conditions are unsafe (high winds or storms), we will cancel the tour and either reschedule or provide a full refund. Sailing Yacht Stella Oceana, our ship, has warm indoor spaces so you can opt to stay warm and dry. On rainy days, the clouds hang low in along the coastline creating an otherworldly experience.

What is available for food?

A local root vegetable soup with fresh herbs and bread is prepared for all guests.  If you catch a fish, you can add your fresh fish to the soup.  Our food is sourced from local farmers and establishments.  This means some items are only available seasonally and everything is of high quality and optimal freshness.  All of our food is lovingly prepared by the crew.  We are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions. ​ Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and cookies are included in the price and available throughout the tour.

Can I take the fish that I catch with me? What if I don't want it?

You can choose to either take home the fish that you catch or eat it onboard during the tour. We do not offer air vacuumed shipping services for flights or international travel. If you choose not to eat or take home your fish, we will either serve it to other guests onboard during the tour, or we will donate it to the elderly people in the local community.

What wildlife/animals will I see?

You never know what you might encounter in the sea, but some common wild animals that we see are dolphins, porpoises, orca, fin whales, seals, otters, white-tailed eagles, puffins and a variety of other birds. The most common fish you may catch are cod, halibut, mackerel, pollock, haddock and red fish.

Will I get seasick and what if I need medical attention?

We can't guarantee that you won't get seasick, but most people don't experience this discomfort because the boat is so stable.  However, in the small chance that you do get seasick, the crew has a lot of experience and can help you so you can enjoy your trip.  Northern Norway tends to seem remote and isolated, however, we will always be sailing along the coast where help is never far away.  There are local rescue ships and the Norwegian Coast Guard is always operating throughout the entire coast.

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