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Is it Safe to Travel to Norway in 2023?

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine started, we have been getting an increased number of questions about whether Norway is still a safe country.

Our short answer is yes. But if you want to learn more about what life is like in Norway right now, keep reading.

Norway is a long distance from Russia (approximately 5000km), with a lot of countries in between. But with the recent bombing of natural gas pipelines in Europe, people are wondering if it's still safe to travel to Norway.

This post sets out to give you insight into what life is like here in Norway and if the recent events have had any impact on daily life.

Has life changed?

How safe is Norway?

According to the Global Peace Index, Norway is currently the 17th most peaceful country on the planet. Although crime does happen in Oslo, it is primarily concentrated there. Additionally, there are many beautiful areas outside of Oslo worth exploring.

Sailing Tromso

Like Tromso, where we are!

When you visit Norway, you will notice that most people are happy, helpful, and kind. Even with the current global situation and the rapidly increasing energy costs putting a pinch on every Norwegian, we make the most of it and keep a smile on our faces.

You will feel safe walking around alone at night as there is little crime. If you do notice any tension among people, it is probably due to the high cost of living and the challenges of everyday life, rather than anything specific to safety.

Are the grocery stores still stocked?

Norway Grocery Store Shelves

There's plenty of food in Norway. The grocery stores are still stocked, you can find almost anything you need. There's no need to worry about food here.

(Local knowledge about Grocery stores? Are small towns stocked? ) - yes. The only thing that might delay food from being stocked in small towns/grocery stores is if there is bad weather so that local cargo ships/ferries can’t sail, or roads are closed so trucks can’t deliver. Even still, there has never been an instance where stores run out of things.

Is all the entertainment in the cities still going on?

The cities are still alive with entertainment this winter. There are many things to do and see indoors and out.

Some of our favorites include:

No matter what you're interested in, you'll be able to find something fun to do in the city this winter.

What are energy prices like?

With gas prices near record highs at gas:$2.15 USD/L, diesel prices: $2.36 USD/L and electricity at $.13 USD/Kwh, one could say energy is expensive. This expensive energy puts upward pressure on the prices of all goods and services inside the country. Further adding to the cost of travelling here.

Although there's no issue with the supply, high prices will likely result in fewer visitors, making it less crowded for those who continue to travel here.

Are things getting more expensive?

The Consumer Price Index for Norway currently says that our inflation rate is 6.9%. So even with the higher energy prices, which is a large contributing factor to the increased cost of living, we still have relatively low inflation compared to other countries in the world such as the USA at 8.2% and Germany at 10.4%.

Is the military moving around the waters more?

Yes, ever since the bombing the military is moving around the waters more. Countries throughout Europe are on high alert and this is completely normal in a situation like this, but the life of Norwegians and travellers to the country is unchanged.

Has your government put out any travel notices?

There are no travel restrictions for travelling to Norway. All restrictions for entry into the country related to covid were lifted in February 2022. They do still advise unvaccinated people to be careful when travelling to Svalbard.

The Norwegian government also recommends that you do not travel to Russia or Ukraine.

What parts of the country should you visit?

If you are travelling to Norway, we recommend travelling to northern Norway. Norway has little crime in general, but northern Noway has even less. Travelling to a larger city in the north like Tromsø provides plenty of beauty, safety, and things to do. Along with keeping you close to an international airport in case something does happen while you are in the country.

Come to Norway Anytime!

Norway is a great place to visit, regardless of the current global situation. Norway is a very rich and diplomatic country with a strong military and is an important country in the NATO alliance. The local people and visitors are very protected and well taken care of, so it is a very safe country to travel to. Even with high energy prices, Norwegians are making the most of it.

So come travel to Noway and make sure you check out Northern Norway while you're here!

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