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trollfjord lofoten norway


A unique blend of pristine wilderness, outdoor adventure and cultural richness.


Lofoten is an archipelago and a group of islands located in northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle. It is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, dramatic landscapes, and unique cultural heritage. The archipelago is characterized by rugged mountains, deep fjords, picturesque fishing villages, and pristine coastal waters. The natural beauty of Lofoten is its most defining feature. The islands are known for their towering granite peaks, white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and lush green valleys. The contrast between the mountains and the sea creates a breathtaking and photogenic landscape. 


Lofoten experiences a subarctic climate due to its high latitude. This means relatively mild winters and cool summers. The ever-changing weather and light conditions, along with the stunning landscapes, provide endless opportunities for capturing breathtaking images. Despite their popularity as a tourist destination, the Lofoten Islands maintain a sense of remoteness and tranquility. The islands' relatively small population and vast wilderness areas allow visitors to connect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. 

Lofoten has a rich fishing heritage dating back centuries. Cod fishing, in particular, has been a significant part of the islands' culture and economy. Traditional red fishing huts known as "rorbuer" and wooden drying racks for codfish, called "hjell," are iconic symbols of the islands' fishing culture. The rugged terrain and natural beauty of Lofoten make it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts to engage in activities such as hiking, kayaking and fishing. The waters around Lofoten are home to a diverse range of marine life. You can often spot whales, dolphins, seals, and a variety of seabirds while exploring the area.


Our sailing tour allows you to explore the archipelago at leisure with exclusive access to remote and less visited areas. It is designed for travelers who want to see Lofoten and do it in a way that is comfortable and makes them feel that travel itself is a luxury. We offer a well-rounded itinerary, accommodation, staples of Lofoten cuisine every day, transportation, and a private guide. Book a private charter or join a small group of 4 to 8 people.


Begin your immersion into the Lofoten culture and terrain with a fishing trip. Learn about the traditions and history of fishing in Lofoten and try your hand at catching your next meal. Savor your fresh catch from the sea onboard as we sail to the island of Skrova. Here you can choose from numerous hiking trails (max 3km) that offer stunning views and a chance to explore the island on foot. Unwind, enjoy the clean air and tranquility of the night as you relax in the outdoor hot tub.


Spend the next day cruising to explore remote fjords and majestic mountains that are only accessible from the water to appreciate the beauty of untouched, natural landscapes and admire the breathtaking scenery. We’ll guide you through points of interest along the way to Trollfjord and answer any questions you might have about the region. Once we arrive to Trollfjord, step into a kayak or SUP for an opportunity to explore the fjord with waterfalls and snowcapped mountains. The quiet paddling experience provides a sense of tranquility and a connection to nature and allows for reflection and relaxation amid the serene surroundings. As we sail to our next stop in Henningsvær, observe and photograph the dramatic landscapes, colorful fishing huts and diverse wildlife including eagles, dolphins, whales, and various bird species.


On the third day, we’ll take you on a private driving tour of the Lofoten islands from Henningsvær to Reine. Enjoy the scenic 2 hour drive with your small group and guide. Once in Reine you can choose from two options. You can either hike 2km to Reinebringen, a steep hike with 2000 steps to reach iconic summit views, or you can go on a 2 hour photography tour in Reine, Hamnøy and Å. After the group reconvenes, your driver will take you to Ramberg beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Lofoten Islands. The white sandy beach with turquoise water stretches along a small village, between towering mountains and the open horizon of the Arctic Ocean. Upon returning to Henningsvær, a 5-course dinner awaits at a tiny gourmet restaurant that specializes in local cuisine. Here you can enjoy honest food in season, made with respect and consideration for the ingredients found on water and on land from the spectacular landscape. Arrive back to the yacht after dinner and enjoy your last evening sleeping onboard.


On the last day of our journey together, enjoy a long morning sleeping in, then go for a morning walk around Henningsvær. Check out the local shops, art galleries, fish drying racks and incredible soccer field surrounded by the ocean. We’ll set sail from Henningsvær back to Svolvær as you take in your last hours of Lofoten’s incredible sea to summit scenery.


Our 6-day tour is an extension of our 4-day itinerary and allows for extra time between activities and locations, as well as more time spent in nature in remote areas only accessible by boat to Kayak/SUP in an uninhabited island, hike to alpine lakes, go freshwater fishing, and relax by a bonfire in a remote part of nature.

I just spent the last week exploring Lofoten aboard this amazing boat and it was incredible! The sight seeing was some of the best I’ve ever experienced but even better was the amazing crew on board. Kenneth was extremely friendly and knows basically everything there is to know about Norway. Sachi made sure we were always on schedule and cooked incredible meals for our large group. We all kept saying that we wished we could eat like this all year long. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could! Highly recommend.!


From Svolvær
NOK 39,000 per person

12-15 June 2024
-20 July 2024

7-10 August 2024 

From Svolvær
NOK 50,000 per person

2-7 June 2024

30 June - 5 July 2024

Tour Map

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Meet Your Crew

All multi-day tours have our 2 resident crew + up to 2 additional crew members.

world sea explorers crew

Kenneth Tårnes

Sea Captain

Kenneth is a world class Sea Captain with the highest international designation by SOLAS, the United Nations International Maritime Organization.  As a Sea Captain, he is a licensed medic and marriage officiant. He served as a sea Captain in the Royal Norwegian Navy and since his retirement, he has continued to captain a variety of charter vessels and sailing yachts. He has sailed around the world on a 98 m sailing ship, Statsraad Lehmkuhl and in 2007, set a world record for the fastest sailing time (without engine) from Tromsø to Kristiansand in Norway. This route normally takes an average of 6-7 days and he still holds this record! Kenneth’s passion is to connect people to the ocean and the natural world. Sharing his knowledge and experiences so they can see what our beautiful planet has to offer and how important it is to take care of it.  He has been the official Captain of Stella Oceana for 4 years.

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world sea explorers crew

Sachi Maekawa

Solo Stew/Deck Crew

Sachi speaks English, Japanese, Norwegian and some Spanish. On board, she cooks, serves, cleans, helps on deck, organizes activities, guides the guests on excursions and manages the catering, provisions, and interior. She ensures that guests have the very best experience from start to finish. She is passionate about the care of the natural world and has a love of the ocean. From being on the US National Team for synchronized swimming to working at scuba diving centers, Sachi is an advocate for wild animals, marine conservation, free-diving and sustainable living. She has been the official host aboard Stella Oceana in arctic Norway for 4 years.

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Frequently asked questions about this tour

What if I'm vegetarian, vegan or have other dietary restrictions?

No problem. Let us know during the booking process so that the cook can prepare for your meals in advance.

Can you help arrange airport transfers?

Yes. We can reserve a taxi for your airport to harbor transfer. The cost of this transfer is not included in the tour price. 


Who are the other guests?

This tour typically has well travelled couples and families who love an active holiday with activities, nature and being outdoors. The age range can vary from 30's to 60's. 

What wildlife/animals will I see?

You never know what you might encounter in the sea, but some common wild animals that we see are harbor porpoises, otters, orca, humpback whales, seals, white-tailed eagles, puffins, migrating birds from all over the world and a variety of arctic birds. ​

Will I get seasick and what if I need medical attention? We can't guarantee that you won't get seasick, but most people don't experience this discomfort because the boat is so stable.  However, in the small chance that you do get seasick, the crew has a lot of experience and can help you so you can enjoy your trip.  Northern Norway tends to seem remote and isolated, however, we will always be sailing along the coast where help is never far away.  There are local rescue ships and the Norwegian Coast Guard is always operating throughout the entire coast.


Is there a minimum number of participants for the tour?

Yes, we have a minimum viable number of 5 guests to run this tour. If the minimum number of participants is not reached within 45 days of the departure date then the tour may be cancelled or rescheduled, but in most cases, we are still able to run the tour without additional charges, and may ask for your cooperation to make modifications to your tour itinerary, but keeping the original tour start and end dates. When the number of participants is below the critical level, we will inform you 6 weeks prior to the departure date and consult you with your options, which can include additional supplements for the cabins (depending on the number of participants). If the tour is cancelled you will receive a full refund of all payments made including the deposit made at the time of booking and the remaining balance that was paid 90 days prior to the departure date. We cancel because it is both financially and ecologically unsustainable to do a cruise with too few participants. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility. ​

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