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Custom Trip Consultation and Planning

We specialize in custom trip planning for luxury adventure sailing experiences in arctic Norway


Our collaborative process ensures we put together the perfect trip tailored just for you. We understand that one size does not fit all for yacht charter planning.

We are hired by you as a professional consultant to discuss with your wants and needs for your charter and to draw upon our industry and destination knowledge, as well as our experience and connections, to create a customized full service itinerary for your trip.

Travel planning


We begin this process with a phone call, virtual meeting or email where we learn all about you and your travel dreams, goals, and preferences. Together, we uncover your vision for the perfect trip.

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After our first point of contact, we get to work! Using our extensive local network of contacts, we start designing your charter. We work with you as much as you want to handcraft your vision into a unique itinerary tailored just for you! Once it’s been perfected, we work on bookings and reservations, and remain actively engaged with you and our partners throughout the process.



The process of researching and putting together a customized, bespoke proposal that matches your travel desires takes time.


As with most bespoke travel agencies we charge planning and research fees. We work on a consultative basis to design trips customized to every client.


The following is an outline of our fees.


TRIP PLANNING FEE – collected up front

NOK 3 750,- for a trip that is 1-12 hours
NOK 5 000,- for a trip that is 2-4 days
NOK 7 500,- for a trip that is 5-8 days
NOK 9 375,- for a trip that is 9-14 days

- The Trip Planning Fees are based on a group of people traveling on the same itinerary.

- The Trip Planning Fee for trips longer than 14 days will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

- The fees may be adjusted based on trip complexity.

- Proposal is for one overall trip proposal.


The planning fees listed above includes our initial consultation, the time involved in research and development of the itinerary, close consultation with you on revisions until all the details match your perfect customized itinerary.


Please note: This fee is non-refundable because it covers the initial consultation, research, and time spent on the proposal, and will be charged regardless of whether you book a trip with us or not.

Once you decide you want to book the proposed itinerary, a 30% non-refundable deposit is due to secure your dates.

Your remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the tour departure date. The trip planning fee will be discounted from the remaining balance.


Design your custom private charter!

Team Building | Hourly Charter | Multi-day Charter | Honeymoons & Anniversaries | Ski & Sail | International Charters


If you’re looking for team-building activities in Lofoten then look no further than World Sea Explorers. Our team-building charters are designed to strengthen relationships in a relaxed, yet fun and adventurous way. We are perfect for small groups of fun-loving staff looking to share a new experience together.  

Learn Why Sailing is Great for Team Building on (written by us!)

team building


Design your own custom crewed yacht charter for a day. Examples of custom charters include the following activities & events: Fishing trips, company meetings, celebrations, anniversaries, team building, birthday parties, Christmas or other holiday parties, midnight sun sailing, fjord cruises and more!


Tailor-make your own custom crewed yacht charter from  2 days to several weeks. Examples of tailor-made charters include the following activities: Fishing, ski touring, bike touring, kayaking, freediving or snorkeling, hiking, surfing, SUP, island hopping, relax on white sand beaches, beach bonfires, explore small towns, whale watching, bird watching, explore local towns, sailyak, flyboard, jetski, ice fishing, dog sledding and more!



Charter Stella Oceana for your big sailing adventure for ocean crossings and seasonal sailings. From Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, to the Mediterranean or Caribbean, our captain has experience sailing experience, and Stella Oceana is equipped to sail the whole world. 



Charter Stella Oceana for an exclusive charter service for VIP couples or families. For couples chartering the entire yacht, there is a queen suite accommodation available.  The yacht comes with the best crew who are unfaltering in their attention to detail and entirely committed to offering the complete service - regardless of what this may take. The crew values discretion for matters of safety and privacy which is based upon a sense of respect.



Among the arctic ski destinations of the world, Norway is a paradise for backcountry ski touring. With long, cold winters, gorgeous ocean views and mountains accessible from the shoreline, sailing to ski in the backcountry is a thrilling journey to earn your turns. World Sea Explorers offers yacht based ski touring adventures with local and internationally certified professional mountain guides who ensure the safest ski touring routes adapted to your ski level. Charter the yacht for your ski sailing adventure to iconic areas such as the Lyngen Alps and Lofoten islands, or to less-frequented regions such as Senja or Narvik. For an off-the-beaten-path sail and ski expedition, journey through the open sea from mainland Norway to Greenland or Svalbard. Guided ski touring trips in these frozen tundras are an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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