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This eight-hour yacht tour is a full day excursion where you'll sail to a secluded island, go ashore and explore by kayak, SUP or foot. Enjoy a BBQ lunch, swim at the beach, relax in the hot tub and sit by a bonfire.


Avoid the popular crowded beaches like Kvalvika beach, Haukland beach or Uttakleiv beach. Instead, you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of timeless Norweigan nature, explore remote sandy beaches and see the scenery of the Lofoten Islands from both land and sea.


This is a great full day activity for small groups of all ages who want to experience both remote and untouched nature, local cuisine and exclusive service on a luxury sailing yacht.


NOK 4,900 (Adult)

NOK 4,600 (Child)

Private Charter:

NOK 39,200


11:00 - 19:00 (11am-7pm)

8 hours

1 hour cruise to anchorage
1 hour BBQ Lunch
3 hours to Kayak, SUP, hot tub & swim
2 hours on the beach with bonfire
1 hour return cruise


We depart Svolvær harbor, the main town of the Lofoten Islands. As we cruise Lofoten and out to Vestfjorden, watch for orca, porpoise and eagles. Once out on the sea, we'll cruise for about an hour to the island of Litlmolla, an uninhabited secluded island only accessible by private boat. At anchorage, we’ll dinghy you to the shore where you can explore the area by foot, kayak or paddleboard. Regardless of the activity you choose, keep an eye out for white-tailed eagles and marine mammals. Northern Norway's beaches are stunning; soft white sand or shell beaches edged by clear, turquoise waters all framed by stunning mountain backdrops. It’s no wonder that visitors flock to them, even though the water is cold, the crystal clear waters and mountain peaks are some of Lofotens best features. Your crew will light a beach fire and prepare a BBQ lunch of alpine lamb or freshly caught fish. Relax seaside and enjoy this authentic Norweigan picnic experience. If you’re feeling brave, take a cold plunge in the arctic waters then warm up in our outdoor hot tub. Ice bathing is a popular Norweigan activity and while there’s no ice in summer, taking a plunge at the beach can produce similar benefits. As we pack up and cruise back to our home port, you’ll likely feel rejuvenated, grounded and certainly refreshed from your Lofoten Islands Yacht Tour. Join us for this Lofoten Islands Yacht Tour!



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Frequently asked questions about this tour

Is there a minimum number of participants for the tour?

Yes, we have a minimum of 5 guests for our tour. We always strive to do a Lofoten Islands Yacht Tour tour once a week within the season, but if there are too few people booked, we will reschedule your tour to another day or provide you with a full refund. We cancel because it is both financially and ecologically unsustainable to do a cruise with groups any smaller. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

What happens if it is raining all day?

Our tour will continue rain or shine. If the weather conditions are unsafe (high winds or storms), we will cancel the tour and either reschedule or provide a full refund. Sailing Yacht Stella Oceana, our ship, has warm indoor spaces so you can opt to stay warm and dry. On rainy days, the clouds hang low in along the coastline creating an otherworldly experience.

What is available for food?

The BBQ lunch includes a local alpine lamb cutlet, pork chop or fresh local fish, sausages, grilled veggies, potato salad & corn on the cob. The food is sourced locally.  This means some items are only available seasonally and everything is of high quality and optimal freshness.  The food is prepared onboard so we are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions. Coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate and cookies are included and available throughout the tour.

What wildlife/animals will I see?

You never know what you might encounter in the sea, but some common wild animals that we see are harbor porpoises, orca, fin whales, seals, white-tailed eagles, puffins, and migrating birds from all over the world. 

Will I get seasick and what if I need medical attention?

We can't guarantee that you won't get seasick, but most people don't experience this discomfort because the boat is so stable.  However, in the small chance that you do get seasick, the crew has a lot of experience and can help you so you can enjoy your trip.  Northern Norway tends to seem remote and isolated, however, we will always be sailing along the coast where help is never far away.  There are local rescue ships and the Norwegian Coast Guard is always operating throughout the entire coast.

STILL DECIDING? We're available to answer your questions!

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